Bloodbath – ShadowBox (Pop Up Shop) Dec 2, 2015- Uncategorized


Thank you to those of you that made it out to our Shadowbox Shop. A lot of our posts got deleted after our Website update, so here is a concise recap to Shadowbox:

Deep in Chinatown, our memories of this plaza were filled with underground Hip Hop shows, live Jazz and late night food after parties, all tucked into a quiet exterior of facades and areas that look somewhat like movie sets, perfect for Kung Fu fight scenes. During the day, it felt much more Chinese. The locals would be in a hurry to get to work, passing by their foregoers sweeping their shopfronts. You would see the old men playing board games while updating each other on the latest gossip. You could smell the pastries and faintly hear the sounds that resonate generations of struggling immigrants and whispers of the mafia.


Here are some looks at the build. We had a great time creating a setting for our Fall collection. We only had 2 days but it was great to have the team together getting dirty.