Bloodbath Concept Shop “A LOOK INSIDE” Sep 23, 2015- Art, Events, Lifestyle, Shop

Deep in the heart of Chinatown, we had a chance to utilize a space in an interesting place, rich with it’s own history and culture. By “culture” we mean everything you can notice on a quiet afternoon there, and a lot of it probes further than “China”. You can feel the essence that is layered with smells, scuffs, and chatter currently formed from a foundation of over 150 years of struggling Chinese immigrants, to puzzled tourists scrunch-faced trying to figure out what to eat, late night Hip Hop events, to larger than life statues of Bruce Lee. Set in a plaza that echoes everything from laundromat gossip and whispered stories of old mafia orders.

We treated this Concept Shop as an art installation meant to be temporary. A lot of good art is like that, the value of being mortal is something we as people connect with, and in a way cherish. We think that is because Art at it’s core is an experience. Not a thing, place or a person.

The elements in the shop all tell a story about Bloodbath’s influences, the irony and balance that it creates when opposite energies juxtapose each other. Life vs. Death, Future vs. Tradition. Metric vs. Organic. Control vs Chaos. Art vs Politics/Military… we hope you enjoy.

For those of you that missed the opening, join us for the final day of the Shop this Saturday (9.25.15) 6pm – ???

The front sign reads “Sudden Death” in Kanji. Which most of you know is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese written languages.








Forgot the camera the day of the opening. So here are some blurry iPhone flicks from that night: